10380 RainWipes Microfiber Towel 12'' x 12'' Blue

RainWipes Dairy Details

Treat your cows with the soft and absorbent RainWipes dairy drying towels. They absorb better than traditional terry bath towels.

Pressure is not needed to clean. Gently allow the microfiber’s super-absorbing action to dry your cows. It is not necessary to rub.

The fibers are hypoallergenic lint free and non-abrasive.

- Soft and gentle on cow udders
- Clean faster, easier and safer
- Eliminate swirls and scratches on milking equipment
- Remove dirt and bacteria more effectively
- Use wet or dry for cleaning
- Lowers chemical costs - does not require chemicals to clean
- Little or no lint

What is Microfiber?

One strand of Ultra-Microfiber is several hundred times smaller than a fine strand of cotton fiber. The hypo-allergenic, non-abrasive wedge shaped microfiber can scoop, lift and trap dirt, dust, grime and moisture without scratching. The fibers are lint free and non-abrasive and hold 10 times their weight in water!

Traditional cloths do not pick up dirt particles because of the rounded surface of the fibers. They simply push the dirt around.

Discounts available on orders of 10 and above units of any RainWipes items. Please update quantity.

10380 RainWipes Microfiber Towel 12'' x 12'' Blue
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