93000 VacLitz Vacuum Nozzle 2" Black


VacLitz nozzles are the most inexpensive way to add value for your customers. VacLitz will give your customers a clear view of why your carwash deserves repeat business.

The new Vaclitz illuminated vacuum nozzles offer your customers a light where they need it most, so they can better see where they are vacuuming. Under seats, in the trunk, and especially at night.

- Easily replaces your existing vacuum nozzles;

- Provides light for customers vacuuming the dark areas of car interior;

- Encourages vacuum use at your wash;

- Easy to use with the touch of a button!

The new VacLitz illuminated nozzle lights up the area you're vacuuming for 45 seconds with the touch of the button. After 45 seconds, the light goes out and your customer can activate it again as needed.


93000 VacLitz Vacuum Nozzle 2" Black
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